Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Side Hug

Is it just me, or is the side hug weird? It always seems a bit awkward when you get the side hug from people. Dont get me wrong, it certainly has its place. For example, when greeting someone you've only met just recently and are not quite ready for the full frontal hug. Thats a good time for the side hug. Also, when you go in for the hug and they go in for the hand shake or vice versa, that is an acceptable time for the side hug. It helps derail an awkward/embarassing moment. Or sometimes your hands are full and the side hug is the only one that can physically be done. Thats acceptable too.

People never know what to do with their head when coming at you from the side. It is very easy to clunk heads in this situation. With a full frontal, you go left or right. With the side, you can only go forward or back, which just looks silly. Especially if you are the same height. That's the worst.

So Im going to go ahead and stick with the full frontal hug as much as I possibly can, and try to aviod the side hug as much a I possibly can. If you feel the need to come at me from the side, I'll roll with it. Just keep in mind...I'd rather have you from the front.

Any thoughts?

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Angie said...

Ulrich was the master of the side hug.